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Dr. Bryan English

American Family Concerts
Conductor & Producer


Blending the elegance of a symphony, the emotion of Broadway, and the excitement of a Vegas show into one spectacular production makes for an unforgettable event that will make you feel so young. 

Presenting popular music with an orchestra is a sentimental combination, dreaming up nostalgic memories of family and days gone by. It requires a guide that navigates both genres with authority, merging the musical worlds: with close ties to the New York Philharmonic and Willie Nelson, Bryan English gracefully bridges the gap. Raised in Texas, educated around the world, Dr. English understands how to curate a concert date and how to drive an orchestra along the trail. You’ll get a kick out of his shows that feature A-list talent backed by an orchestra that swings. Audiences tune in to pops concerts with a host whose musical passion and understanding are authentic. Leading multimedia concerts with live ensembles, singers, dancers, and videos is right in his wheelhouse. Bryan believes in the unity of humanity and the importance of family, and this spirit can be felt in all of his shows.

Tony Bennett and
Lady Gaga tribute:
"Cheek to Cheek"

Interviewing young Captain America about what it means to be a "hero"

Performing live with synchronized fireworks

Featured soloist
Dave Cooper
(Principal Horn:
Chicago Symphony,
Berlin Philharmonic)

Special guest Elsa appears in "Superheroes & Princesses"

tribute artists'
symphonic shows

The full symphony orchestra performs Gershwin

Batman, live orchestra, and video from "How It Should Have Ended"

"Heroic Inner Kids" interact with young audience members

Batman needs "Bat Juice" to lose the gravely voice and sing

American Family Concerts

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